At Quinta da lapa time flows at the pace of season, guests can live a truly rural experience, exploring the paths that run through the vineyards, discovering the ponds, the house at the water tank that’s fed by a natural spring or just strolling through the verdant hills that surround the property.

Contemplating the landscape and enjoying silence, that overwhelming sensation that’s impossible to experience in the city.  A quietness which invoques conviviality, the pleasure of sharing a glass of wine, of living a timeless moment in a secluded territory that’s only a stone’s throw away from the great city of Lisbon.

And speaking of wine, a true wine tourism experience could not be complete without actually tasting our nectars and coming in contact with the estate’s 300 years of tradition in crafting excellent wines. These are the attributes that conjugate into a memorable wine tourism experience at a unique venue, a safe haven berthed in the hills of Ribatejo .


  • Walks in Nature
  • Bicycle tours
  • Wine Tastings
  • Visit the Winery
  • Picnics
  • Baths in the spring water tank amid the vineyard
  • Harvest
  • Pole Fishing at the ponds

*Subject reservation

**Subject reservation and according to season