Quinta da Lapa was founded more than 300 years ago, in a unique spot, the finest terroir amid the rolling hills to the east of the Montejunto mountain the highest ground of the Tejo region named after the great Tagus river and once known as Ribatejo, a land where wine, culture and history flow together since the times of the roman province of Lusitania.

Quinta da Lapas’s outstanding location, its rolling hills, soil complexity and diversity of exposures are features that define our unique terroir, the perfect craddle for our vibrant, expressive wines. The estate’s unique “terroir” shows in the wines of Quinta da Lapa through their outstanding freshness and aging potential.

The great and capricious Tagus takes up, in this region, a particular historical splendour, in being both the link with Lisbon and historically the route of trade and communications with all of Europe.The Templars’ castles and the great cultivated plains testify to this fact.

The river’s floods and current caused the surrounding soils of clay and limestone to collect rare elements such as seashells and rounded pebbles. This aspect, almost by itself, determines the characteristic signature of Quinta da Lapa’s wines.